Plan the First

This is going to be a long post, so hold on tight.


On here, I go by Hexatin (remember that, it'll be important later).


Now that that's out of the way, here's my plan:

The Plan

I like to play games. I also like to program things. So I thought, "Why don't I go make my own game?" So here I am.


I've always loved the RollerCoaster Tycoon series of games, as well as The Sims. I like the customization and the building and the stories which you can create with such extensible mechanics. I've also always loved hotels and resorts and things like that (for some reason which I can neither explain nor defend). I've always wished that there was some sort of RollerCoaster Tycoon-style game about hotels, but I never quite found anything that fit what I wanted. And as They say, "If you want it done right, do it yourself."

That line of thinking led me to create an idea for the most niche management sim game ever: Hotel Tycoon! (name subject to change, any suggestions for that are welcome)

The Game

The mechanics of this game are heavily inspired by RCT and The Sims, I'll say that right now. For ease of reading, here's a list of (very) broad and generalized categories of stuff that I intend to inculude in or do with the game. Each one of these will be explained more once I actually get to them during the dev process.

  • Hotels and rooms and everything will be built freeform, very similar to the way houses are built in The Sims
  • Heavily customizable everything
  • Built-in modding support (for steam workshop furniture and the like)
  • Lots of user beta testing so that people can tell me when I do stuff horribly wrong
  • The ability to build a wide range of hotels: everything from a small Bed and Breakfast to a massive skyscraper resort on an island with attached casino and beachside mansions
  • A room module system, so players can build a room design once and copy that same design squillions of times into their main hotel rather than building the room over and over
  • Different nightly rates for different rooms of different qualities
  • Guests, with thoughts, feelings, and goals
  • Money, loans, reputation - everything a growing management sim needs.
  • Delicious and amazing UI (UI is important)
  • Isometric viewpoint
  • Events
  • Difficulty sliding
  • Sandboxy freeformy gameplay
  • Probably lots of other stuff that I just can't think of right now

How It's Made

I'm going to be making this game in Unity. Hold on, don't get out your pitchforks yet - I'll explain myself. Unity isn't all that bad, especially these days that Unity has cleaned up its act. Lots of good things have come out of Unity (Kerbal Space Program, Cities: Skylines). Also Unity gives me cross-platform support out of the box, which is great.

The Team

I realized while cooking up the insane idea for both CosmicFin and this game that I could not feasibly accomplish all these things alone. So I found some like-minded individuals to join my team. This is the team as it currently stands:

  • Hexatin
  • Czar Talson
  • ReddingBobulus

(this is why I said it would be important to remember who I am earlier)

You can see more about what each person in the team does here.

The Future

I intend to make a blog post every weekish detailing our progress on the game so far. There's already a bit of work done on the game so there'll be lots to talk about in the first weekly update. If you subscribe there's a nice mailman I hired to send you an email whenever I make an update.

Also the other two members of CosmicFin can make blog posts as well and will probably do their own things. They'll also probably write some of the weekly update posts if that week's progress was mostly in their area of expertise.

I intend to market this game wherever I can (, Steam,, etc). That'll all come later, though, once CosmicFin can hammer together a game that works and looks pretty.

The End

This blog post is over now. You made it! I'll see you next weekish when I post the first update!

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(Twitter is also the best way to contact us)